Hello again, how are you?

You know that friend, the one you don't see for ages and then you do and it's just like you were never apart? That's what I'm going for here. I've missed you. Really missed you. I felt like I didn't have anything to say and I knew you were busy. I felt like I didn't have time because there was so much else I should be doing. And I didn't want to disturb you, you've got so much on your plate right now. And sometimes I've been down and I didn't want to bother you with it. Yeah, I know.

But here we are. Do you have time for a coffee? How have you been? Hasn't the weather been crazy this spring? Everything from late snow to heat waves - what's it been like up your way?

I've had the hatches battened down here. My energy has been pretty low, but I've been doing little things to take care of myself. Like earlier bedtimes - I know! Really unlike me, but necessary at the moment. I've been cooking a little more. Susannah Conway asked a really good question at the end of Unravelling 2: what does your future self need you to do? Or something like that. So I've been working away in my studio - not doing any of the fun stuff, but working at rescuing it, making a space I can create in. And I've been decluttering (yes, again, still, both). And I've been doing boring admin that just has to get done, and I started with the things that stressed me out the most. I've been spending time with friends, and long mornings reading in bed with the Mr. And I've done a few crafty bits and pieces. I'll show you the next time you're around.

I kept these to show you. They really resonated with me. See what you think.

Can we just be honest? (Susannah Conway)

Authenticity in a messy life (Hanna Andersson)

Thoughts on energy (Kelly Rae Roberts)

See you soon, really. It's be so good to see you.