Wow, time she flies

A list for today, because I have made several commitments to myself this year and this month and I want to check in and stay on track and tighten up a little too.

  • I am trying to blog more, and although I'm not doing it as often as I would like, I am doing it more often than I was
  • I am doing something in an art journal, most days - alot of it has been doodles in the doodle challenge moleskine that the Mr gave me in my stocking
  • I am meditating, most days - I'm in week two of a mindfulness course (mindfulness-based stress reduction training - you can look it up as that, as mbsr or under Jon Kabat-Zinn)
  • I am slowly chipping away at the clutter in my little studio, making some tough choices that will free up space in my room and my mind for my real work
  • I am keeping the commitments I have made for myself with regards to food, but not the commitments I have made about exercise

How is 2011 treating you so far? And how are you treating it?