Five really good things

Today I needed this. I am trying to be more faithful to you, dear readers, and more faithful to me. I saw Liz's post from yesterday, a reminder to herself, in challenging times to find the little moments of joy and peace. I really need to catch my breath, and so I share with you, five really good things (no photos for now - the website is arguing with them):


1. Leaves on the pavement - unlike the woman in the advert (is it Canadian Tire?) that screams when the first leaf of autumn falls to the pavement. Oh how funny, my Canadian-raised/UK-living self was so confused when writing that sentence. A glimpse into my brain then would look like this: the woman in the advert/ad/commercial-no-advert that screams when the first leave/no-leaf! of fall/autumn/you-can't-say-fall-falls to the pavement-um-sidewalk-um yes pavement. Anyway, it makes me grin when I find them.

2. A kind and listening husband - nuff said.

3. boxes - healthy little treats that keep me away from the biscuit box. If you're in the UK, use code 85XN82G3 and snag yourself a free box. Nothing like a snack-sized portion of dried pineapple, or salsa cashews to get you past the 11 o'clock energy dip. And they make me smile once a day.

4. Brunch - a meal invented for pleasure, lying in, meeting friends, lingering over coffee and being out in the world. All good.

5. Snuggling down with books - nothing quite like it for getting out of your own head.

(oops - never posted this, work got super hectic the day after I wrote it!)