Finding my corner of London


Well, grrr. I wrote something a couple of days ago and went to finish it today and watched it vanish from the list of draft posts. So now, naturally, I feel that whatever I write won't approach my meaning nearly as well as the perfectly crafted sentences that faded into the ether.


I'm in love with the Pacific North West, which is kind of tough on a Canadian girl living in London. I'm not one for pining and moaning though, I believe that you either have to make peace with what is, or take steps to change it. I am lucky to live in London, but I sometimes forget, when the crowds and the litter cloud my vision and it takes me an hour and ten dollars to get anywhere.

I read a good article years ago about reflecting on what makes your holiday so special, and figuring out how to bring some of that good stuff back home. The Mr and I just love our trips to Seattle and we have found ways to bring it home with leisurely coffee shop visits, walking around our city, visiting the Japanese grocery and perfecting a recipe for cinnamon rolls amongst some other stuff. For me, there is more to it, with retreats I want to attend, all the way across an ocean and a continent, and artists who inspire me with their art and their friendship. I'm working on building my arty community right here, but it's a slow process.

We spent a weekend in Hoxton for our anniversary and it really helped rediscover the London love. I found a market that I like nearly as much as Fremont Sunday Market, with two amazing brunch options nearby. I found quirky bars ideal for hipster watching (it's like regular people watching but with more hats and glasses). And funky little shops stocking gorgeous small run designer maker goods. It hit lots of my Seattle buttons, so I am very happy. Especially because I can get there in an hour, for just over 5 pounds.