Christmas Journal 2010

In 2005 I started keeping a Christmas journal by playing along with Shimelle's "Journal Your Christmas". I love the album I did that year and the year after, but I was really surprised when I realised that I had done them that long ago. Some sad and bad stuff happened Christmas 2006, so the album stops on Christmas Eve.

Something that amazes me is how different the three albums are, yet all of them still feel like me. Here is this year's so far:

1. jyc10_cover, 2. On the 1st Day of JYC, 3. On the 2nd day of JYC, 4. JYC2010_03l, 5. JYC2010_03r, 6. JYC2010_04l, 7. jyc2010_04r, 8. JYC2010_05l, 9. JYC2010_05r, 10. JYC2010_06, 11. JYC2010_07, 12. JYC2010_8l, 13. JYC2010_8r, 14. JYC2010_9, 15. JYC2010_10, 16. JYC2010_11l, 17. JYC2010_11r, 18. JYC2010_12, 19. JYC2010_13, 20. JYC2010_14

Follow it as it grows here: