One Little Word 2010

It's that time of year again. All over the web, people are choosing their one little word. I've been reading everyone as they settle on their word, and none has resonated with me.

Last year I was focusing on "authenticity" which slightly morphed into "truth", partway through the year. I was having a bit of an identity slump, so it's hard to know what power the word had. The year before that it was funny. I completely forgot which word I had chosen and randomly focused on different words at different times, each time thinking "Oh yeah, that was it!" In 2007 I chose "be open" and magic happened. So this year, I wanted to find the right word.

I will be


in 2010

I was reading Gwen Bell's introduction to her mindfulist and it just resonated. Mindful. Yes. So much of what I want from life right now is contained so beautifully in that word. Wow.