Unfortunately, Kelly...

I saw this over at Carla Sonheim's blog and it made me smile, so I tried it. The idea is to type "unfortunately" followed by your name into Google and see what comes up. I'm superstitious enough to exclude any doom-laden results, and fussy enough to exclude any where the next word is a surname.

Unfortunately Kelly was unable to reveal a secret she did not know, and the stock of the magical powder was nearly exhausted.

Unfortunately Kelly then suffered a knee injury which kept her out of major competition until 2000.

Unfortunately, Kelly's career ended soon after (s)he became famous.

Unfortunately, Kelly announced it was her last song

Unfortunately, Kelly says, she didn't get to do what she "sought" out to do: to show us the real Kelly.

Unfortunately, Kelly's strategies are inherently flawed

Unfortunately, Kelly's research is less than complete and (s)he contradicts (her)self constantly

Unfortunately, Kelly didn't err with caution

Um, I starting to feel there is truth in memes, so will wind this up. I want to rearrange them into a story!