More Journal Joy

I was going to share instax mini pics from Greenwich Park today, but I really couldn't be bothered to get out the scanner and find the cable blah blah blah. Sorry. Instead, I have all kinds of journal backgrounds to share. I was feeling really blocked creatively by the time I finished my course, so I knew I had to play/create. I haven't been in a journalling place, but I thought if I played around with a bunch of backgrounds it would get the mojo flowing again. These are from three different journals.

09p1 journal

09p2 journal

09p3 journal

09p4 journal

Edited to say: these are taking a really long time to upload tonight. I'm going to leave you with these for, all in my lug around Moleskine. Just a mixture of messy paint (acrylic and watercolour too I think) and magazine cutouts and quotes that grabbed me. It was very interesting the other day when I went to hear Mike Dooley speak (notes from the universe, infinite possibilities, etc.) and realised that this journal which I brought along to write notes in was actually full of very appropriate quotes already. Everything seems to flow together when you're on your true path.