Back to school

Photo 26September is always busy for those of us with anything to do with school. I'm feeling really good about work at the moment, not something I normally talk about here.

I've been trying to clear the decks at home, finishing projects, decluttering nooks and crannies, revitalising my studio and getting prepared and open for whatever's next.

After the amount of work for my art foundation course last year, I've been particularly keen to keep the creativity flowing. It's so easy for such a fragile, ephemeral entity to be squashed by academia. Sometimes it juices you up and sometimes it dries you up - I'm trying to learn how different situations affect me and ride the waves instead of floundering.

The internet is such a gift for the isolated and the introverted. I've been playing over at The Land of Lost Luggage, making gorgeous rich journals, and now we're starting to fill them up. I'm also looking forward to some photography and reflection on Unravelling in a couple of weeks. 

I'm also getting out there and meeting new people. I really crave a creative community, made up of friends from my life, online friends and all the busy little corners of London where people are already meeting to draw, knit, create and connect. 

All that and a little bit of knitting. This is a practice hat, because the postal strike has eaten my wool for the real version. I like it though! What are you working on?

A little later, I've been very excited about the launch of ella publishing - small business, great design, green premise, inspirational eye candy, what's not to love? Click on the button to read more about it