Another list - live music

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Live music brings me joy, pure and simple. I definitely prefer smaller venues, pubs and theatres rather than stadiums. If it has to be big though, give me a field - festivals are definitely a benefit of living in the UK. 

Chatting to friends I realised that I've been to see more bands than many of them, which is something that had never occurred to me.  I realised that I couldn't even remember who I had seen.  

Must be time for a list. Rather than hiding it away in a notebook somewhere, I may as well share it here. I'll edit as I remember more. It started out chronologically, but I think alphabetically is more accessible, as you don't all have a working knowledge of my personal chronology! I offer no apologies...

AC/DC (at the Point, Dublin)
The Automatic (opening for Razorlight)
The Beach Boys
Ben Harper
Black Crowes
Blood Red Shoes (NME New Music Tour 2007 - Koko, London)
Bob Geldof
Brett Dennen
Bryan Adams
Coldplay (at Witnness 2003)
David Gray
Deacon Blue
Def Leppard
Ed Harcourt (at Whelan's, Dublin)
The Editors 
Faith No More (the gig that never was)
Fun Lovin' Criminals (Twice, at the Forum in London and at Wireless 2007)
The Goombay Dance Band 
Great Big Sea (Twice, both at pubs in London)
Guns n Roses (Twice, at the old Wembley Stadium)
Jack Johnson
Jools Holland (Twice, outside at a National Trust property and at the Royal Albert Hall)
Kaiser Chiefs
The Little Ones (NME New Music Tour 2007 - Koko, London)
Neil Young
The Pet Shop Boys
Pull Tiger Tail (NME New Music Tour 2007 - Koko, London)
Razorlight (Twice, at Alexandra Palace and at V 2005)
Roesy (at Whelan's, Dublin, opening for Ed Harcourt)
The Rolling Stones (Toronto 1989)
The Rumble Strips (NME New Music Tour 2007 - Koko, London)
The Stunning
The Tragically Hip (The Astoria, London 2007)

There are definitely more, especially from the festivals, but they'll simmer up in time.