Linocut love

We've been working on this project in my printmaking class for a few weeks now.

I started with this photo of a cafe in Barcelona.

I played with it in Photoshop to reduce it to a high contrast black and white image. When transferring the design to the lino, I improvised a bit to carve in some detail and texture.

Last week I printed this in a cool petrol blue and a bright terracotta on separate prints and in combination. This is a proof taken from that printing.
Lino001 bw
Then we had to cut into it more - this is called a two-step reduction process apparently. This is a proof taken from my altered block. It was pretty heartbreaking to scrape away all that detail.Lino002 bw
The next step will be to overprint the original coloured prints with (very carefully lined up) black prints of the altered block. I ran out of time to do it, but it will look a little something like this, mocked up in Photoshop.
Lino combo
How much fun is that?