On my mind tonight


  • Blogging about ornaments over at IACW
  • Finishing off a crocheted scarf in earthy colours of cotton yarn
  • Looking forward to some self discovery in January with Mondo Beyondo and with Jen Lee
  • Looking forward to reflecting on 2009 and declaring it done with a little help from Gwen Bell's Best of '09 Clog Challenge (edited - um, clog challenge? Seriously? What would that even look like? Let's go with BLOG challenge)
  • Looking forward to setting my focus for 2010 with a little help from Gwen Bell (again), Zen Habits and this book which I've used for years although the website scares me
  • Reading 'Under the Dome', which is starting to get very tense just now
  • Watching 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', which has been on my list for ages and was even better than expected
  • Enjoying seeing one of my gifts in daily use (the napkins you see above, embroidered with a Sublime Stitching pattern)