Best of 2009 - Restaurant moments

Gwen Bell has set a Best of 2009 Blogging Challenge to finish off the year. I love this idea. New Year's for me is not a time of over-hyped disappointing parties, but a time of reflection on the year past and a time to plant seeds for the year ahead. So what better way to blog through December than picking out some highlights. Stop by her blog to read some of the other entries, and join in too - there's no obligation for a page a day or anything. If you tweet, use #best09 to share yours or find others.

My best restaurant moment of 2009 has to be an evening in Ping Pong on Goodge St. I was with my husband and two friends. I had been awake for most of the previous 48 hours preparing for my end of year show for the art and design course. They had got me through it, when I was so beyond it, with encouragement, coffee, practical help and a lot of the heavy lifting! The dim sum in Ping Pong is so good, and it felt wonderful to be sitting there with friends. Instead of just celebrating the end of the exhibition and the end of the course, they forced me to celebrate my achievement and my bravery in even starting a course that was so far outside my experience. We got a black cab home and I could barely keep my eyes open.