Make banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now

With apologies to Jack Johnson for the title. Now there is someone who seems to be living his life close to his ideals - from donating a percentage of his income to green charities and encouraging others to do so too, through encouraging car pooling and reusable water bottles at his concerts, to hosting local charities' stalls at his concerts.

We both planned our week around having today off, easing the transition back into the busy-ness of fall. Turns out it is a rainy blustery day, so we slept in and had a late breakfast. We cooked together in our tiny galley kitchen, thick sweet-cured bacon and banana pancakes. The song in the title sums up so much of our thinking behind me going part-time last year. Living with love and balance and being able to occasionally step back and ignore the alarm, and stay inside.

So here we are, warm and dry (and full of gratitude for both, none of us can afford to take that for granted) looking forward to a day of Gilmore Girls, DVDs and artwork. Enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings you.