Living Well

I believe in living well. That is a tricky statement, because there are two very different interpretations to 'living well'. Those of you who know me at all, whether online or in person, will know which spin to put on it. We're not talking about living the high life here, people. We're talking about living with depth and purpose and joy and meaning and presence.

A man who can put it so much better than I can, Randy Pausch, is a gifted speaker with a particular understanding that living well is an urgent matter. It is so often at the bottom of our to-do lists and actually, it is the most important thing. I found the link to his home page on Pat's blog.

Go listen to him, you will be entertained for an hour, but you will come away thinking a little bit differently than when you started blog browsing today. Start with The Last Lecture, about halfway down the page. He has left an enormous legacy not only in the hearts of his friends and family, in the minds of his students, in the world of technology, but also in sharing his values so powerfully with the millions of people he has touched through this lecture.