Birthday joy

Birthday joy numbers

1. We had these for tea after my belated birthday lunch on Monday. We picked them up at Candy Cakes in Covent Garden (Catherine and I had admired them when she was over - I'd save you one, but I don't think it would mail well, ha!). Perfect with...

2. ...a nice cup of coffee from my birthday present, the all singing, all grinding, timer setting,  advice giving, shoulder offering, custom brewing shiny shiny machine.

3. If music be the food of love, then why am I playing with a plastic guitar? Because my kind friend shared the gift of Rock Band for my birthday. And for you keen-eyed scrapbookers out there, yes, those are Basic Grey rub-ons I used to customise it!

4. Pretty pretty present from Nicola. Inside there is some gooooooooood music, some PINK blutack, and there was a bottle too, but they wouldn't let her bring it into the Jack Johnson concert in Hyde Park (that was more birthday joy, with Ben Harper, G Love and Special Sauce, and Jimmy Buffett too!).

5. Look, look, look what came in the mail too. Mary Stanley made him and very kindly offered him to me in a swap. Hopefully I'll be able to offer you a teensy peek before I head to the post office next week with her surprise.

6. I've had this a little longer, and it so deserved a bigger announcement when it arrived, but it was right in the middle of post-China lonesomeness and the beginning of my reaction to the hayfever medication. I'm so sorry, Latharia, because I love it so much! I don't know if you can see in the pic, but it says "Kel's Space". It hangs in my artsy-craftsy room and is so pretty that I haven't fixed anything onto it yet, but I will find some gorgeous inspiringness to fix onto it.