My Freedom: pace of life

As part of the My Freedom project over on, we were given the blogging prompt today:

How do you prefer the pace of life? Do you wish things would speed up or slow down?

The kneejerk reaction is to say "slow down!" In truth though, I don't know how true that is. My lovely was born in Orkney and raised there and in Shetland. As much as we love to visit, we have discussed it and neither of us would want to move back somewhere that quiet.

If I have too many days in a row with no structure, I tend to float around and waste the day, not even luxuriating in the freedom. I get far more done if I have a lot to do. Then when I'm too busy I long for periods of uninterrupted time.

I guess the answer, as so often, is balance. Which is no surprise. Farmers, religious leaders, educators all tell us that we need time to grow and time to rest, time to play and time to work, time to give and time to receive, time to create and time to think. As I start the second year of working part-time and a new course, I hope that I will find more balance - some routines and commitments to hang the week on, some blocks of focused time for creating and some down time.