Beijing Postcards: Day 2

Donghuamen Night Market
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Yesterday we explored a big rectangle in our local area: up our street, down Wangfujing (sometimes called the No1 commercial street in Beijing), along this street Donghuamen, and back up on the road closest to the Forbidden City on the east side. When we stopped to watch the world go by and drink some water, I noticed all these red stalls. The minute the clock struck 4, the stall holders sprang into action, whipping food onto grills and display racks, hanging price signs, and stir-frying. We weren't ready for dinner at that time yesterday, but we made sure to come back today, amongst crowds of tourists from around China and around the world. We ate skewers of prawns, roasted corn on the cob, noodles and dumplings. We met other travellers trying to outdo each other on silkworm, snake and snails, but that game isn't for me.

We both have rotten colds, so that was about the extent of it for today!