Five good things

Prompted by a timely reminder from Liz to think of 5 good things in my life today. I will get to Artfest reports and photos soon, but I am just settling back into home and unpacking and reflecting. So some gratitude before I get to the chores:

  1. My amazing trip to Artfest with Seattle, Portland and quality time with my husband thrown in.
  2. Having the chance to further friendships with some amazing women that I have already learned so much from (more detail will follow in my Artfest post).
  3. Getting home safely to a flat and kitty and friends that have all stayed safe in my absence.
  4. New plans and opportunities and the freedom to pursue them.
  5. New books and a CD set from Pema Chodron that are offering me the guidance I need right now - in life and in creating my spiritual practice.