Charming trades

Saturday was such a good day! Lorraine and Z and I met up to repeat the "bead walk" we took last year. Lorraine knows where all these little bead shops are around London and this time last year we met up and she showed us around. Was that the first time I met her? Maybe. The three of us have met up since then and always have such a good laugh. Saturday was about demotivational scrapbooking, bad friends, booze and biscuits, and how you finish the saying "speak of the devil..." We visited 5 or 6 bead shops (I know where they all are now Catherine, for your visit, and Lorraine loved your necklace.) I wanted bits and pieces for my Artfest charms. I have an idea involving acorns, but haven't been able to make acorns that I like yet. I found really funky glass toadstools on Saturday and am making these for trades: