Break down the block art journaling

I have been in an art journal slump lately. I don't know why. I've been collecting bits and pieces to go in it, and thinking about it alot, but not showing up at the page. And I miss it, so what's my problem? So just to get back in the swing I started using my new stamps and putting paint and pen to paper and we will see what happens...
This one is waiting for more writing and doodling.

This one wants paint and stuff - It hasn't told me what stuff though. Any ideas out there why she has a tree in her boat? I am very influenced by trees at the moment - all of last year too. I bought such a lovely thing from Nina Bagley (sneak a peek). The one she's sailing off with in the picture is a gocco print leftover from fat book pages. Mean husband says she's going to chop it up for oars! Save the tree!