It is late and I can't sleep. Mainly because I am too excited! What am I, five?
Here are the things that are exciting me:

  • mushroom charms for Artfest trades
  • felt hedgehogs for Artfest trades
  • Gocco postcards for Artfest trades
  • an artist book: Parade
  • an artist book: hearts beating on the night bus
  • an artist book: peep in
  • an artist book: colour space sound silence
  • Gocco spring cards for Etsy
  • felted vessels
  • reorganising my artroom
  • organising a moleskine exchange
  • art journalling
  • carving stamps

Here are the things that I am doing instead:

  • watching series one of Supernatural, in preparation for watching series two, while recording series three, obsessive much?
  • playing Deadly Rooms of Death, a very retro puzzle game on pc
  • playing N+, a ninja versus robot game on Xbox live, again very retro
  • adding blogs to my google reader account, while not keeping up with the ones that I love, or managing to respond to comments left here (although, happily, tonight I responded to all my March comments, yay!)
  • playing Sudoko on Brain Training 2 on the DS (sensing a theme yet?)

I clearly have to step away from the screens. I am going off to reorganise my art room for 15 minutes and see what happens next....

update: 40 minutes later... got distracted by photos of my grandparents' village on facebook... then spent 20 minutes in the art room and it is a lot better. It is amazing what you can do in 15 minutes. Made a cup of chai and now can read blogs for 15 minutes.

update: 90 minutes later... art room sufficiently improved so that I can open the curtains (people could see the mess from the road!!!) and actually work at the table. Cool enough! Then I don't really know what I did. Forgot to drink the chai till it was nearly cold. Julie's comment made me laugh out loud. Now I will... um, watch Supernatural and make mushroom charms. See that's even efficient!