Artfest Fatbook pages

  Artfest Fatbook pages 
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They're done and mailed off yesterday. In brief:
Watercolour paper with leaf stamp, watercolour and twinkling H2Os on washi, Gocco print of skeletal trees, glued text, copper tape and chalk ink.

I was thinking of all the times I've heard artist friends recently talking about the fact that they just haven't been creating. I always say that fields must lie fallow between crops and we, as artists, must rest and restore between creative spells. The pages say "Even in the depths of winter, the forest dreams of new growth" to remind us that growth is a circular process in which the unproductive times are part of the cycle of creation.

Both my thumbs and two fingers are covered in tiny cuts and scratches. That is on top of the dry skin I have from felting. Yesterday I just used polysporin as handcream!