Flu and Renewal

Why do I always forget that the well from which we draw every day needs a chance to fill up? I've been giving myself such a hard time because I am so drained. Nevermind that I'm recovering from flu, which it took me a little while to even accept WAS flu - you would think the days and nights of fever and the migraine-like headache would have given it away, eh? Nevermind that I've taken on an extra class this term to reduce my workload next term. Nevermind that we had a big project to do and an essay.

This post from Judy Wise reminded me today that we have to refill, refuel, regenerate, whatever you want to call it. It reminds me of my fatbook page from last year that said "Even in winter, the forest dreams of new growth." I'll see if I can find you a pic. So I shall renew. I'm crocheting, and looking at weather (up here in Shetland there is ALOT of weather), and reading, and when the fancy takes me I will draw, and write, and hopefully update my webpage, and speak to you all.