Zappers and Juicers

Today's exercise in Soul Coaching is to identify the things that drain your energy and those that boost it. I know that I sometimes end up in a cycle where I feel too drained to get myself together to do the things that boost me, so I carry on doing the things that drain me. Then I feel exhausted and cranky and self-critical. I'm taking  my journal to bed with me to work through it, but here are a few things that I know, without even thinking about it too much.

Energy BoostersEnergy Drains

  • watching a favourite show as a conscious choice

  • reading in bed, especially if it isn't time stolen from needed sleep

  • working in my journal

  • making connections with rl friends, family and blog friends

  • rocking the very thing that I was dreading

  • this video and the beautiful song found on Megg's blog (yay! for Canadian music)

  • watching tv because I can't be bothered to move

  • running late/not leaving myself enough time to prepare and get somewhere

  • mindless internet time, when I am just feeling vaguely unsatisfied and ranging around looking for something

  • dreading something that is coming up

  • procrastinating clutter and admin tasks

What are yours?

This month I'm working through some exercises from Soul Coaching, along with a group of inspirational people over at The Next Chapter.  Go on and have a look, you never know what messages the universe may be trying to send you.