10 things - progress!

Well, I started on the 6th and got rid of 10 bits of clutter. Today I got rid of my 10 bits for today and an extra set too. I'd like to keep going each day, and make up the other 4 days that I missed. Not that I'm obsessive about complete sets or anything! You can see pics here, although come to think of it, it's a little weird to be taking photos of my clutter & and possibly even weirder to go and look at them!

I am also back on the Flylady path. I find it a very useful guide to 'grown-up' house-keeping. My natural state is bouncing between extremes - living amongst piles of projects in progress, or cleaning and sorting everything in sight. When I am following her programme, I am free to create in relative chaos, but the house more or less takes care of itself.