A great man had a dream

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the States. It is 40 years since he was assasinated, but has his dream come true? Not yet. I was reminded of this today by an excellent article at LifeHack.Org. The writer points out that:

Although the blatant racism of the past — the lynchings, the Klan
rallies,the pogroms, the concentration camps — are no longer acceptable
in most societies (though they keep rearing up with troubling
regularity — consider Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan, and Guantanamo Bay), race and racism are still factors in most people’s lives, and still create barriers to many people’s ability to succeed.

The article sums up:

The problem of racism is a big one, but it’s not an impossible one. Here are 12 things you can do — not always easy things, but ultimately doable
things — to start making a difference in your the world around you. In
the end, they boil down to “respect others” and “know thyself”, good
advice for most situations. It doesn’t take a huge number of people to
start making a difference — after all, Martin Luther King made a
difference and he was just one person. Just like you are.

Wouldn't you like to make a difference? Please go read the rest of the article and be the pebble in a pond; one small action can affect the entire thing.