Seven: Inspire Me Thursday

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. Of course, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life too, but I mean it in the very real sense that today was my last contractually committed day as teacher. Next year I will still be involved in the life of the school, keep my post as director of studies and do a bit of supply cover. But I will not be trapped in the hamster wheel (you know, the hamster wheel that they use for the rat race?) To put it into context, we are talking 3 hours a week instead of 50 to 60.

Part of what I want to do is habituate art in my life. To that end, I have been collecting inspiration blogs. The first creative imperative is, of course, to create. So I will write and draw and paint and scrapbook and make.

Inspire Me Thursday asks :

DISCUSS: What seven supplies would you choose?

you are going away on a trip to an artists’ retreat. A few days tucked
away in beautiful scenery with nothing on your to do list except to let
your muse run wild. Only one caveat: you are only allowed to bring
seven items with which to create art — what seven supplies would you
choose to bring?

  1. A spiral bound journal - it would be a toss-up between my everything journal, or my new wabi-sabi journal in a kraft paper book given me by my lovely friend Z for my birthday.
  2. Sharpies - a black, an olive, a turquoise (which I realise may count as three right there!)
  3. My tin of neo-color II crayons. But if that is cheating, I would take the lovely teal, a white and a brown.
  4. Gel medium, whichever I grab first & I'm prepared to use my fingers as spreader to keep an extra item (If I haven't used up my 7, if we are playing strict here. If we are playing strict then I will keep the black sharpie and the teal crayon).
  5. Glue stick for found objects.
  6. Stapler for found objects. Loaded stapler!
  7. My buff fluid acrylic.


Cool! Now I want to go on that retreat!