Bridal Fun

My friend and boss is getting married on the 16th. We planned a bridal shower for her at work. The thing is though, I ended up organising it. And I am not that girl. I don't know how to do it. I don't enjoy it.
But actually, it was fun. It was on Monday and it went really well. Everyone else sorted out the food and drink. I brought sparkling wine and organised the games, prizes and pampering box.

Left: Prize - a glass decorated with Sharpie and glitter, filled with sweets. Above: The sweets! Chosen for their pretty colours and the fact that we are a bit obsessed with the sour ones, and I didn't pick any of the weird ones like teeth!
Dsc_3579_3Above: You really need to click on this to see the bridal insanity. We did this for another shower recently. Everyone wraps a little something. Then you put it all together in a decorated basket and by virtue of abundance it becomes a real treat.Dsc_3578

Bridal_shower_thumbWe played the games from this book: famous couples and If I were the one getting married. We were also going to play Animal Dating Game and Always/Never, but it got late.