Wall of Gorgeous Art

This was the scene against one wall of our room at the Hotel Monaco after Artfest. It is a mix of bought art and stuff I made and it still makes me happy to look at the photo. So now you can too. The pieces I bought at the vendor night are all by people who I met at Artfest and who continue to inspire me even now that I am back in London.

left to right: my goddess canvas; cat by LK Ludwig; my Islamic canvas; Anahata Katkin print behind art doll by Lise Peeples behind little peach stitchling by K O'Brien; Judy Wise (limited edition, signed and numbered) print behind Jenna Colby printed tile 'Trillions' behind felted heart by Dorit Elisha; limited edition print signed and numbered by Theo Ellsworth; original by Judy Wise; original by Carla Sonheim; my heart canvas.