Countdown to Artfest

We fly on Saturday, and I work until Friday. I still need to: (note - this list has been updated as I worked through it. It is now Saturday morning, and it was all finished - by the time the taxi came, anyway!)

  • Make Artfest Journal
    • buy big paper for Artfest journal

    • cut up paper and paint backgrounds
    • fold into journal
    • transfer logo (badly!)
    • stitch
  • get three canvases ready for the gallery
    • goddesses within
      • goddesses to be added
      • still needs more collage, and text
    • the language of the heart
      • text needs to be finalised
      • edges painted
    • Persian cityscape
      • beads to be attached

*please take a moment to check out how lucky I am to work with these amazing teachers. I have linked to the workshop descriptions and to their personal webpages.