Embracing my Inner Geek

PerplexCity party last night to celebrate the finding of the cube by one Rand0m AKA Andy Darley. Check out his Cube Hunter's Tale, the rest of his blog is worth a look too.

I was explaining to my mother-in-law what is so compelling about Perplex City and realised that there are five main factors (in no particular order):
1) the ARG - Alternate Reality Game - the backstory and detail that make Perplex City real for us and make us care what happens there;
2) the points. People like points. Why else are pedometers so successful?
3) the Cube. The big prize. An exclusive, sought after item worth £100,000.
4) the puzzle cards - beautifully designed, shiny, colourful, clever puzzle cards. I have never been a great collector or trader but these are luscious.
5) the social side. PXC brings together all shapes, sizes, ages and quirks of people. Cube parties are friendly and welcoming and I have made some friends that I hope to keep at them.

Bring on Season 2! Embrace your inner geek!