Artist Book - Dictionary Fauna

I finally bound this last night and the third hole I punched was out of line with the others. I nearly exploded or imploded or something drastic! I just froze and stared at it fixedly, thinking "this book has nearly 30 pages. It took ages to choose the dictionary pages that would work with the structure and content of the book. They are original pages, covered with original drawings. They took ages to plan and prepare." You'll notice I was being careful not to go down my old path of (wailing) "It's all ruined!" A few deep breaths and a life time later, I started thinking about how I could patch that hole and carry on. I am delighted with the final book, and proud of myself for not melting down and throwing it across the room, probably wrecking it further in the process. I'll show you the cover later, but here are the first and last pages (I have them all scanned to use in future projects.) Dictionary Fauna from


In reality the zebra definition and picture appears on the facing page, but I only wanted to post single pages today. I owe the single line drawings to Carla Sonheim's teaching. If it wasn't for her class I wouldn't have discovered how much fun these are, or how this style lets my voice come out.