Habits are just as hard to start


I have a problem that I just don't understand. I see a disparity between what I am creating and what I am sharing with the world. Now, many of us are on a search for authenticity and I am certainly not being authentic with my portrayal of my art, if much/most of what I am creating isn't shown. Perhaps it is because the newer, more personal stuff, the stuff that doesn't fit a mould or fad, feels more personal, makes me feel more vulnerable. Perhaps it is because I am playing with my Lomo LCA+ which shoots film, so it takes longer to get prints to you. Perhaps I am just to lazy to scan stuff in. Hmmm. I will sleep on it and maybe have a scanning session tomorrow. I am working on two artist books for my class on Tuesday, so I will share the WIP.

Meanwhile, I haven't shown you this fishy that I did just for fun and gave to my Mum. It was inspired by 'scales' at Illustration Friday, but inspiration doesn't always follow the calendar!