I don't believe it's been 10 days!

I am so sorry. I can see in the stats that you have been loyally checking. And I appreciate it, I honestly do. I've been in a bad place, really frustrated at work (especially given that I am supposed to have stepped away from it, it is on my mind alot and in the knot in my stomach just too often and I am too close to tears too often), stalled in The Artist's Way, and frustrated by the clutter and mess. Those of you that know me in real life know that when I am down I burrow into my den and lick my wounds. It is really only in my 30s that I learned that your friends are desperate to help you out in these times, and they have, I am so grateful to those that are angry on my behalf and have given me stern talkings to and made me laugh as appropriate. I've been in the reading deprivation week of The Artist's Way for two weeks now (the first week did not go well!) and so I haven't been able to consult all my wise gurus in the creative blogging community. I have learned so much from you over the past months and I am so grateful for your existence in the real and the cyber world. Friends, and time, and morning pages have all played their part and I am feeling brighter. So here is something to make you smile, isn't this just the cutest face? Or do you not see it? I wonder, it's so hard to imagine how differently we each might view the world.


Oh and my Moo cards came and I love love love them, I did a kind of rainbow theme with the photos I used and I am so pleased. (Is it weird that I used 50 photos so I have two of each, because I don't think I can part with them all at first?) Also I ordered the Basic Grey Figgy Pudding card kit, just to get the mojo flowing in a Christmasly direction, and they are so pretty, if not at all my original work.  See it is so much better when the postmen aren't on strike!