The Artist's Way

I don't know when The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron first crossed my radar. Once it did though, it kept crossing. I am a big believer in serendipity and if something keeps crossing my path makes me pay attention. The final straws that made me say "Okay, I'm listening!" were finding it in Port Townsend on my way to Artfest, and then at Artfest, a few people who listened to me explain where I am in my journey said emphatically "You need to read The Artist's Way". It took me a while to get hold of the book because of my suitcase being full (!) and then stockist problems here in the UK. I got the workbook too because I found the workbook for Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards very useful. This one not so much, because I could do it all in my morning page journal. However I will use it and go back to it to complete exercises that I didn't do the first time round.

(note from the ed. you all don't know how LONG this has taken to write, it has been open on the laptop since last night! Man, it's hard working with these flighty artist types.)