A Handbag!

A question from Jane H at UKS Bloggers :

What’s your handbag like? What makes a ‘perfect’
handbag? What do you carry in your handbag? What's in it right now? Do
you ever have ‘handbag envy’?

Well, here is my handbag of gorgeousness, handbag of destiny. It's by Mulberry and is called Tooled Bayswater.
I don't usually spend much on a bag. I buy something I like when I see it, usually cheaper than a pair of jeans. I love it to pieces quite literally and when it's gone, it's gone.

This time, the stars were in alignment. If just one of these factors had not been in play I would not have bought it.
1. I saw one on the tube and fell in love (it was shades of brown though)
2. I had just been promoted but it was still a secret and I felt it needed celebrating
3. It was my birthday weekend, the one time I felt able to give myself permission.
4. It was on sale across the road from where we were staying - 50% off. 50%!!!
5. I had *nearly* enough money in birthday money to buy it.

Inside the bag right now: some cash, 4 CDs, my phone, a debit card, tissues, handcream, 4 Lush Bath Bombs, a camera (Nikon Coolpix 4200), a bunch of birthday cards, some stickers, tiny cloths pegs with felt Christmas trees on them, a bottle of water, my inhaler, a pen and my Moleskine notebook.