The blinkers are OFF...

As you probably know, if you found my space here, I joined an art journal project (run by Shimelle) 14 weeks ago. Since then... man, are the blinkers OFF! Everything I see becomes relevant, art supplies travel with me wherever I go - I don't mean that I brought them on vacation (which I did of course!) but I mean WHEREVER I go - from the bedroom to the living room... from the living room to the kitchen... on the plane, in the car... and yes on a train, yes in the rain, yes in a house, yes with a mouse! I WILL art journal, Sam I am.

um.. apologies to Dr. Suess, who I am sure would understand anyway!

And I realised that you cannot wait around for the pigeonhole fairy to come, wave her want and *poof* you are an artist. If you don't think you are, who is gonna?

plus found this great magazine, only in its 4th issue cloth, paper, scissors

haven't had so much fun with paint and glue since kindergarten!
of course... since I teach kindergarten, that wasn't all that long ago