Monday, August 22, 2005 at 11:31 PM

Just added a couple of pages to my art journal album:

Royalty_spark_left_1Royalty_spark_right_2Had a lot of fun with this. I have learned alot about layering colour and colour media over the past months. I have also learned the mindset of if you don't like it keep going, if you make a mistake, layer over it, but keep going.

For weeks I couldn't think of anything that I was queen of, DH was a sweetie, but his suggestions didn't feel true to me - Queen of Innovations - really? me? do you mean the catalogue? hmmm.
Then I thought of the one thing that makes me different from anyone I know, my Pollyannaesque faith in all things karma. Not that I am that much of an optimist, I worry ALOT and work out the worst case scenario ALL the time. But my core values are related to ebb and flow, destiny, etc.

The best story to illustrate what I am like is abbreviated on this page: I had an old car passed onto me by a friend. After the winter of excuses not to drive it, I decided to start driving it and taking care of it last spring. Went to Halford's for brakelights, and ended up buying car shampoo. The bottle reads "first rinse to remove surface dirt." So I go up to the flat, get a big bucket of water, and a sponge; carry it all back down again and start slooshing. Then the rain starts. My very first thought, VERY FIRST, was "Cool! The universe is helping me rinse to remove surface dirt." DH looked out the window, saw the rain and thought "I wonder if she'll come in, naw, probably not."
Of course, the alternate interpretation is that I'm simply to stupid to come in out of the rain!