Days of leisure

Monday... Still had to set the alarm. Blech! English viva at 12.30, left home at 10. Five or ten minutes in her office and I was done. Aaaaargh! At least I passed though - so only two vivas and the paperwork to file. Then two hours journey back home. Thank goodness the charge on my Zen Micro lasted the journey!

Tuesday... slept in late, but then drove all around South London trying to get to a Lambeth early years meeting. Very proud of myself any time I drive outside my normal routes and neighbourhood. This was something else though, the Stockwell triangle one-way system, Streatham dual carriageway, Brixton High Street, even Tulse Hill. Got lost, but in the words of my mother I wasn't "lost, it's an adventure" Found my way again, with no stress. Z and I went to the cinema and saw "Batman Begins" - we really enjoyed it, lots of elements of legend, of comics and funny too.

Wednesday... didn't need to set an alarm, but K is working from home, so we both got up quite early. I am trying to hold a lot of things in my mind to get done this week, so trying to cross some jobs off.