All is well...

11 reasons I am happy:

1. good music, my own mixed CD from the car that makes me happy is blasting from the stereo (last five tracks - Blink 182 Miss You and All the Small Things, Razorlight Rip It Up, Libertines Can't Stand Me Now, Linkin Park/Jayzee Numbe Encore)

2. work week is done

3. free weekend ahead, except for Jools Holland tomorrow night at the Royal Albert Hall

4. Jools Holland!!! Tomorrow night at the Royal Albert Hall

5. The flat is tidier everyday... Yay, Flylady at

6. Just finished a photoshop job for someone at school - was explaining to K that photoshop is to me as Freecell or Sudoku is to others... a satisfying, addictive and relaxing puzzle to solve.

7. Looking forward to making up PIFs for three people on UKS especially as it means using my new Quickutz

8. December starts next week. lights and love and greenery and joy and sparkly things and remembering what is important

9. K is home here with me and we are happy and mellow and chilling and maybe gonna watch the Grudge

10. My reports are all written, and my NQT stuff is up-to-date

11. Lovely crafty, bakey things to do this weekend