Break down the block art journaling

I have been in an art journal slump lately. I don't know why. I've been collecting bits and pieces to go in it, and thinking about it alot, but not showing up at the page. And I miss it, so what's my problem? So just to get back in the swing I started using my new stamps and putting paint and pen to paper and we will see what happens...
This one is waiting for more writing and doodling.
This one wants paint and stuff - It hasn't told me what stuff though. Any ideas out there why she has a tree in her boat? I am very influenced by trees at the moment - all of last year too. I bought such a lovely thing from Nina Bagley (sneak a peek). The one she's sailing off with in the picture is a gocco print leftover from fat book pages. Mean husband says she's going to chop it up for oars! Save the tree!

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Travelling Journal Kit: GPP Crusade No.17

Michelle at Green Pepper Press set the challenge this month to get a journalling kit together. I've definitely lost journal pages to being on the road without the supplies I wanted. Or had a stash of papers for collage in one room, my pens in another and the journal somewhere else and that has been enough to stop the creative process. But I know I've also been in a situation where I've been inspired by the limitations imposed in a situation. I loved the travel journal I made in Seattle last year. The journal was made and painted at home and I carried a growing stash of supplies during my stay so that I could glue in ephemera from our trip, doodle and make notes everywhere we went. It got me over my shyness about journalling in public too!

Journal_box_out Journal_box


  • stamping: letter stamps, I have three boxes that are the same size, so I can take the current faves; ink - I like to have black and brown around all the time, and sometimes a blue or green; signature stamp (not shown) - handcarved rubber stamp with my initials and the year
  • writing: sharpies double-tipped, watercolour pencils, uniball signo black and white gel pens, water brush, rubber and sharpener
  • sticking: magic tape - I'm addicted since I read Susan Wooldridge's books and tried it; a glue stick - there's also enough height for a little pot of gel medium if I feel the need; mini-stapler
  • collage (not shown): I have a film canister for little bits and pieces to stick on and a plastic pocket for clipped words and pictures, and ephemera that I want to keep and use.
  • cutting: scissors (fiskar's kiddie ones with metal blades and a cover) and a ruler for tearing when I want to, or when working on planes.

I used an old computer game box, and glued the lid on and cut it so that it would open to one side instead of lifting right off. I covered it in fab tissue from Paperchase with pictures of art supplies on, turned round to describe the store name. I added bits of a dictionary page with words like 'journal', 'journal box', 'joyful' and 'James Joyce'. Then it's brushed over with Golden fluid acrylics in titan buff, quinacridone nickel azo gold and quinacridone burnt orange for the lettering (making memories letter stamps). It doesn't feel quite finished yet, so I'll show you how it develops. I'm excited because it is only the size of a large book, so I can see it coming all over with me.

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Love Journaling - Suzi Blu

I love art journaling. It changed my life, no joke. I started in 2005 and quickly realised it was essential to my well-being, my sanity. During periods that I am not actively journaling, I am thinking about journaling and that is nearly as good. I am sharing this video of Suzi Blu because I believe in what she is doing and she is a fantastic and passionate art journal guru. Her work is so beautiful too.

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