Pencil Lines Sketch #40


Another page in the spirit of accepting challenge, this one based on the latest sketch over at Pencil Lines. In May half-term we went camping with dear friends and Godchildren. I wrote a little about it here. I took the Lomo LCA+ for a camera, so the photos have a different feel to them, less predictable results, hyperintense colours. I have been waiting for a chance to do something with them, but they seem a little harder to use. I love this sketch, and got to use 6 photos - the more the better I feel.


Crate Paper - Zoom and Samantha ranges.
Bazzill cardstock - grass green in washboard texture (yay, I got to use my swatch book!)
Crop-o-dile eyelets
absolutely ancient Girls Are Weird letter stickers by Provocraft
Making Memories Rmmage rub-ons
Autumn Leaves journalling stamps
sewing machine

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Collectively Yours Dare #61

Now that we have opted for a simpler life and I will be at home most of the time, I have time to explore creatively who I am. A message that I have been given again and again this year (and am finally starting to receive) is "Don't worry about style or voice or quality. Just make art. Your voice will come through. You will make lots of bad art and some good." I also think it is important to have some structure for creating (totally against my usual form there) so I don't slip into a morass of daytime television. So I am more or less accepting any challenges that come my way. Pages to submit? Sure. Blog challenges? Sure. Journalling prompts? Why not?

Here is my first official layout from my *new*, simple, creative, low stress life. It's based on Collectively Yours Dare #61 - use up those diecuts!

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Art Space for My Creative Journey

So, you know those friends that you can really rely on? The ones that make promises and keep them? The ones you can call after midnight and they will not only forgive you but be glad you called (okay it helps if they are nocturnal too!)? The ones that only offer when they mean it, and they offer a lot? Well that is my friend Z!

She knows how much I have been struggling to turn my home back into my Home over the past year. She has been setting up her first home away from home over the past year, and we have spent many hours in IKEA, at hers and mine playing with flat pack furniture and power tools, and talking about asthetic ideals. In the same way as when once you are well into a diet, you become more critical of yourself than you were when you were heavier; having become more aware of my home and starting to clear my clutter, what remains has become harder to live with. So the other night she spent 4 hours sorting out her craft supplies and arranging them all pretty. And she offered (bless her!) to help and support me if I wanted to excavate my junk room and find the art room buried beneath it. And she meant it!

On Saturday we had brunch and changed our books at the library. When her plans for the afternoon changed, she offered to come over and make a start. We spent 8 hours on it, throwing out 1 or 2 cubic feet of stuff and recycling another cubic foot or two as well. Here are the results, although you will have to excuse the weird colours. If I will insist on taking photos after midnight, that is what I will get.

Artroom_light Artroom_desk
Artroom_shelves Artroom_beads
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