Foundation Art - Drawing coursework

A selection of my work from my drawing class. It's been a steep learning curve, as I've never really drawn with pastels or charcoal. Three weeks in though it's getting more comfortable. If you want to see the full pictures or read more details click on the links below.

1. drawing wk1a - still life in charcoal, 2. drawing wk3a - tonal study, 3. drawing wk3b - tonal study, 4. drawing wk2a - pumpkin in pastels, 5. drawing wk2b - pumpkin in pastels, 6. drawing wk2c - pumpkin in pastels

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Playing with dolls

Seeking inspiration for my summer art project - we need to bring it in on the first day of the Foundation Year - I collected natural material from our little corner of Nova Scotia. Play is so often the best way to bring on the muses, so I just fiddled around with some of the bits and pieces I had collected, along with the beautiful wool I've been using for the afghan. These little totems took shape in a few sessions over the course of a week. Who appeals to you?

TotemTotem hunterTotem dryad
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