New Ventures

You may have seen some changes on this site over the past couple of days (including me locking you out, I know, I'm sorry!). The past year has been a real journey of acceptance for me. I have accepted myself as an artist of sorts (okay, clearly not fully accepting!). I have played in many creative sandboxes and found some that suit me best. I have met some amazing, inspiring, creative, wise women who have changed how I look at so many things. I have become more myself through being able to express myself in new ways. And I have had some amazing opportunities.


I am not good at talking about the things I care about, as though if I speak them aloud they will dissolve like dandelion seed heads, blown to the winds. I am the most secretive etsy seller ever - I'll put stuff in there, but I won't let anyone know where the shop is! I've had scrapbook pages published for a few years now, a few even on commission, and I've only just shared that with you. I dread you all muttering "who does she think she is?"


What have I been keeping closest to my heart? Artist books. They have been present in my life for a year now, in increasingly serendipitous ways. I met a group of book artists at Artfest last year and every single one of them influenced me in some way. I got my hands on a limited edition artist book by Carla Sonheim created to fund and commemorate her trip to India. In September I started a class with a wonderful teacher, Ciara Healy, and started creating my own books. My wonderful friend, Zenia, shouted a list at me, of books I had made, mainly scrapbook style minibooks. I discovered artist book fairs and started building my own collection. And I have received so much encouragement and support from within that community.


So to celebrate two amazing opportunities that have come my way in the past week, I am stepping up. Hence the new website. This blog will continue rambling along as always. My etsy shop is no longer secret. And introducing... a website for my artist books, as I begin a more professional phase, with some of my books on show in exhibitions and fairs in April, May and June. (insert unrestrained wild yippee-ing here)

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One World - One Heart Winners!

(Well, that's how it sounds in my head anyway.)

Now that it is officially Valentine's day everywhere, I will draw my winners. I am going to use this random number generator because nobody is home to help and the cat is asleep. The first number picked will win the first vessel (brown and pink) and the second number will win the second vessel (pink and green).

First out of the hat... Pattio.
Second out of the hat... She.

Congratulations! I'm sad it's over and sad that more people couldn't have won. Do check out the enormous list of participants over at One World - One Heart. Even after the drawing, these blogs have a lot to offer. I met some amazing bloggers over the past week.

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More felt to give away!

Vessel_1 Vessel_3
Well, your chances have just doubled. With 60 comments, I have made another vessel as pledged. This one is in spring-inspired colours, pale pink, with fuschia and jade. I think the first name out of the pot gets the first felted pot and the second name gets the second vessel, but I might give the first name the choice, I'm not sure yet. If you want to play, comment here.

Updated with new photos, I felted it some more and I like it better now.

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