Starting September

I've just been reading this at Chickadee Road and it resonated with my hopes for September. What I was working on in August worked well with wide-open days and surrounded by people who understood and supported that. The real world of September, with it's back-to-work and it's autumn chores, demands different work.

Basic self-care seems simple yet is essential. Sometimes anxiety creeps up on me when things get busy. I get reactive and hide in escapist activity. Reading something meaningful in the mornings, a regular meditation practice, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep; these are the ways I stay level, and make all the difference to the quality of my days.

Kelly and Liz (in the blog post I linked) set 'the sacred life' as their theme for September. There, they share what this means to them, and invite our response. For me, it is to hold each moment dear, and to make every choice for the glory, not the degradation.