It's a creative world

I keep forgetting to share with you my work over at It's a Creative World. I was asked to join in May last year, and I was thrilled. Since then the group has changed a lot, but what I continue to enjoy is the real variety of creativity on there. You can find everything from altered items, through cooking, gardening, and knitting, to scrapbooking and wax art. Here is a little archive of my posts, for my reference and yours:

New girl speaks - introducing the variety of work I enjoy

Travel journals - my favourite travel journal yet

Make your mark - carving your own rubber stamps

Inspiration - finding inspiration and flow with scissors, glue and a stack of magazines

Speedy, no iron, no pin, no pattern tote

Doodle your life - 13 July 2009

Art journal joy - 20 July 09

Blanket inspired by home - 1 Aug 09 - Crocheted hexagons in Noro yarns in Nova Scotia colours

Travel journal - 16 Aug 09 - a different take on the same destination

Now that the nights are drawing in - 13 Sept 09 - current knitting and crochet patterns

Apron cuteness - 28 Sept 09 

Christmas address book, part 1- 14 Oct 09

Christmas address book, part 2 - 30 Oct 09

Felted snowballs - 28 Nov 09

Upcycling: jumpers to felted stockings - 9 Dec 09

When do you put your decorations away? - 29 Dec 09 - the spoils from an ornament swap


6 Word Memoir Meme

Why is it that I love being tagged, but I hate email forwards? I've been coveting this one on several blogs, so I'm grateful that Carla tagged me. You would have thought I would have a title in mind though, with all that coveting...

Apparently, we're meant to plan ahead...

It worked out in the end

Travels from beyond the map edge

I tag Zenia, CazLorraine, Michelle and Lynn.

Here are the rules:
1. Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag 5 more blogs.

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Housekeeping in cyberspace

One of the reasons I haven't been posting, I think, is my to do list of blogginess. I have so much in mind, that it is hard to look at it all undone (like any pile of stuff to do that surrounds you at home, I guess).

I want to:

  • solve why my master link is missing a column
  • clean up my main blog page
  • tidy my categories
  • make sure everything HAS a category
  • finish off some albums
  • tidy up my sidebars
  • make a new banner
  • add more books to the artist book section
  • respond to comments (so treasured that there is no excuse for not replying!)
  • finish the other Beijing postcards

But change is hard and so is housekeeping!

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